SNS Inc. is an IT firm that has been serving the industry for the past 20 years.

We provide services that cover all the aspects of IT advisory services. The services are provided to the best of the capabilities and advancements in technology.

It is an IT advisory company that enables the people to have a strong understanding of better options to grow their business and reach new heights. With business growth and enhancements it is important for the businesses to take steps and keep the sensitive information secure.

The services provided at SNS Inc. are:

  • Advisory services
  • Strategic cloud services
  • Security and network planning
  • Designing of network and
  • implementation
  • Technical support

Disaster Recovery

Serving as an extension of your IT expert team, SNS Inc. takes care of assistance for achieving your goals. In case of natural emergencies and catastrophes, our professional recovery team keeps the data safe and secure. To serve the vast variety of businesses, SNS Inc. has Disaster Recovery Service.

Cloud and Data Center Technologies

SNS Inc. has unmatched wisdom of cloud and data technologies. The data center is the base for all the IT operations that further progress in affecting your bigger decision relating to your business accomplishments. In order to gain maximum benefit out of the data, the data must be reliable,

Managed Services

To assist your organization in reaching the milestones and achieving the objectives, SNS Inc. has a variety of IT services in management. Our primary goal is to provide well-incorporated technology at all levels of operations. Lowering the administrative costs by implementing managerial advancements is a beneficial step that has

Wireless Networking

Wireless network has proven to be the most effective way of connection for corporate as well as personal level of networks. SNS Inc. has been providing wireless networking options to the big names in various industries in the US. Our wireless networking services include:

Hybrid Cloud services

The cloud services provided by, SNS Inc. optimizes the business infrastructure. In our strategic cloud program we undertake optimization of speed, consumption, scale, hyper-scaler’s innovation, data gravity, performance and recouping the data from past performance and expenses. Having experience of serving in all industries relating to different fields and

Video & Voice Network services

SIP unified communications have been bridging the gap between customers and businesses. The service provided by SNS Inc. has proven to increase productivity that has created new heights of business success. The quality of video and voice network services delivered by SNS Inc. has earned a national reputation for

Staff Augmentation and Long term Commitment

Having a virtual presence has become inevitable since the dawn of internet. SNS Inc. provides staff augmentation for smooth and seamless implementation of IT technologies at each level of operations and communication in your organization. Ever-growing IT industry has opened the doors of new job openings at IT departments.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber-attacks are an undeniable possibility when you enter the virtual world. Cyber security is the need of the time in the organizations IT system. SNS Inc. provides cyber security services to mitigate attacks and the losses that can be incurred. A continuous monitoring of the systems is done to

Network Support

Our certified network designers and firewall engineers cater to the needs of providing network support and solutions for all scales of businesses. SNS Inc. performs services of network design and architecture deploying firewall switches and access points to streamline current network architecture virtualization and network configuration.

Network build out

A network infrastructure connects the company internally as well as to the outside world. For an effective and fast IT network, SNS Inc. can provide you with a reliable service. We have experience and expertise to customize networks tailored to the specifications of your business and its field. We

Training We Offer

SNS Inc. provides expert training to beginner’s level, MIS expert or experts of their fields. This training aims to give hands-on knowledge to the people to make them well-trained and equipped experts of the IT world.

Our structured network course includes imparting knowledge about installing multiple platforms in a diverse networking setting. The training goal aims to implementing “Global Networking” for making the system approachable and adaptable to most of the systems available.

Classroom Training

Custom Course Development

On-site Training

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